The Tompa Miklós Company of the National Theatre of Târgu-Mureş was founded in 1946. It is located in the heart of Romania, more precisely in Transylvania, where several nationalities live side by side. The theatre in Târgu-Mureș is one of the eight national theatres in the country. It is also one of its kind and unique since it houses both the Hungarian and Romanian company working under the aegis of the same institution.

Under current artistic management the National Theatre of Târgu-Mureş became a predominant theatrical laboratory. Today it is the one of the most important theatres in the country and the most esteemed in the region. We do our best to produce thought provoking performances, concepts that challenge the audience and bare the mark of our immediate social-political environment. Our actors continuously work with outstanding directors from international fields, this way they get the best from several cultures.